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First contact - Hope

The day we make first contact (the scientific statement for when we acknowledge or are acknowledged by another "intelligence formed on another world), we all become brothers, we all become sisters, humanity becomes 1 family.. this is a lot of what inspired me to begin and continue to write "The New World" literary series. What happens after, this is what fascinates me. Social science says, it starts as me against my brother, then me and my brother against my cousin, and then me, my brother and my cousin against other.. if the aliens are sufficiently superior and benevolent okay we come together and learn at their feet, but if they are inferior do we attempt to dominate them? If they are superior and aggressive, then fill in your favorite apocalyptic movie here.

These are a lot of my motivations as the only way forward I believe to be together, reaching "The New World" of 2111, having solved so many of our global problems, moving forward into an uncertain future with a certainty for the continued thriving of humanity.

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